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1. Is Foam “All Natural”?

You bet’cha! Foam contains no artificial ingredients.

2. Does Foam really have 0 calories per serving?

According to FDA regulations, a product with less than 5 calories per serving can round down to zero calories. One cup has fewer than 50 calories of fat free, protein rich goodness.

3. The Nutrition Facts Statement says there are 66 servings per can of Foam. Is this true?

First, let’s explain what a Nutrition Facts Statement is. In order to create consistency in food labeling, the FDA requires all packaged foods to list the Nutrition Facts on each package. It is the panel most of us are familiar with which includes information regarding “Servings Per Container” and “Serving Size”.Diet tip read labels

In order to make it easier for consumers to compare the Nutrition Facts of similar products, the FDA has created food categories for each kind of packaged food. Butter and Milk, for example, would fall into different categories. Each category has a serving size also determined by the FDA. To continue with our example, the FDA has established the serving size for butter at 1 tablespoon, whereas a serving size for milk has been established at eight ounces. Therefore, all brands of butter (or butter substitutes) will have the same serving size (1 TBS) as will all brands of milk (8 ounces).

In the case of Foam, we fall into the aerosol whipped topping category. As a result, the FDA has established our serving size as 2 tablespoons. Using this measurement there are 66 servings per can. Foam, however, is not applied as sparingly as whipped cream. It’s very low calorie and fat free after all! One cup has fewer than 50 calories of fat free, protein rich goodness, so you’ll want to use at least an ounce of Foam per serving (which is about ½ a cup after dispensing). There are about 14 one-ounce servings per can (approximately 6, 8 oz cups when dispensed).

4. How does your topping compare with other “fat free,” low calorie toppings?

We are the only true fat free topping on the market. The FDA allows manufacturers to include up to ½ gram of fat per serving and still call it fat free (showing zero fat on the nutrition statement). So a 14 oz can of the other guy’s fat free whipped cream will have almost 33 grams of fat that you were not expecting. A similar can of Foam has no fat at all. Also, Foam has approximately 50% fewer calories than those other “fat free” whipped toppings.

No shame - Foam diet5. Can you really dispense Foam directly into your mouth?

Absolutely! It really is part of the No Shame campaign. It makes you feel naughty, and trust us, when it comes to dieting, a little naughty helps! If you touch the tip of the dispenser with any part of your mouth, simply wash it with warm water and dish soap before you return the can to the refrigerator.

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6. Foam contains whey protein concentrate and carrageenan. What are they?

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is natural protein derived from milk. We’ve added WPC to make Foam rich and creamy without using any fat. Carrageenan is derived completely from plants and also contributes to Foam’s luscious mouth feel.

suppress appetite with Foam7. Can you heat Foam?

One of Foam’s most remarkable qualities is that it plumps up just like steam-made milk foam when it is microwaved (Please do not microwave the can). Simply top your preferred beverage with our foam and microwave for 15 to 20 seconds. Let’s see regular old whipped cream do that! Click here to watch!

8. Can FOAM be served cold?

Absolutely! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: a low calorie, fat free, low carb alternative to whipped cream.

9. Is Foam freezable?

Absolutely! If you purchase more than you are going to use in a month, go ahead and freeze the can. When you need it, place the can in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. Do not thaw by leaving the can out of the refrigerator as that might lead to spoilage.


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